Sunday, April 17, 2016

See me on The Big Questions

You can see me talk about two of the three topics discussed on this morning's 'The Big Questions' on BBC 1, presented by Nicky Campbell,

on IPlayer here, if you are in the UK. The topics to which I contribute start at 25 minutes in.

(Chances are it'll be on YouTube pretty soon for an international audience.)

The topics were: in light of Amoris laetitia, should women have more power in the Catholic Church? and, Does God care what you wear?

I enjoy a bit of rough and tumble in debate, and I'm used to it. Having reviewed the footage, I'm reasonably pleased that I got certain points across, and I think my contributions made for interesting TV. What does strike me, on reviewing it, was the enormous amount of time allowed to the advocate for women's ordination in the Catholic Church: it looks more like a party political broadcast than a contribution to a debate programme.

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  1. That was interesting, depressing, but interesting. You are farther along in the Culture War than we are in these USA.

  2. The bias of the presenter was almost as great as his ignorance. It was interesting that the young woman who wanted to aspire to be a priest if she wanted was not even a member of any church or, by her own admission, religious. It is, as I think you tried to say, difficult to have a conversation with someone so far away from beginning to understand that the priesthood is a vocation and a sacrifice, not a job.

    You and Caroline did well against an interviewer and an audience determined to paint you both as antediluvian - interesting to see the ACTA brigade advancing arguments that weren't new in the 1970s - and being given a free ride.

    Well done both of you.

  3. Unfortunately we can't watch BBC iplay in Belgium, so we didn't see it, but well done for going into the lion's den and surviving!

  4. You were excellent. A giant in a room of amoebas.
    Campbell has the intelligence of a sock. The room was full of morons. The "I'm so discriminated against because I can't be pope if I want to" woman was the biggest idiot of the lot of them.
    One criticism; I know this is not what you meant but it did sound as if you were saying that the only reason we can't change teaching is because it would make us look foolish.
    Overall, well done. I'm inclined to advise Catholics to just ignore trashy and biased shows like this but if we could guarantee they could do as good a performance as you it would be great.

  5. What a bunch of complete morons, principally the compere.